Backup / Data Protection


The Backup / Data Protection is one of the most important network components.


Unfortunately, most companies don't realize that the Data Protection is NOT just having a backup drive installed! Research shows that only 4% of all networks have been able to actually perform a successful full restore of data.


The list of reasons is huge: improper setup, unqualified IT personnel, defective hardware or media, outdated software, etc...


You've probably heard the horror stories about a law firm losing the entire Time & Billing database, or an accounting company which lost absolutely everything on it's data server, or a major manufacturing corporation losing two years worth of data...


Why risk it all? Give us a call.


First, we will analyze your needs, and then we will design and implement the perfect Data Protection Solution for you.

Plus, most importantly, we will test it with you, so you can be sure that your data is recoverable!